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The times are relevant to Brisbane, Australia time.
Note: All presentations are 15 minutes long plus an additional 5 minutes question time.
Monday’s timetable online via Zoom.
If not presenting, be sure to mute your microphone and turn off your camera.
Please reserve questions for the chat function where possible, and submit once the presenter has finished speaking.


November 28
Presenter/s; Activity Presentation Topic
6:00pm Dr Diana Tolmie & Professor Vanessa Tomlinson Acknowledgement of Country, Welcome and Online Orientation
6:10pm Dr Stefan Hajkowicz Keynote: Our future world – Global megatrends reshaping the future and what it means for musicians
6:40pm Question Time  
6:50pm Break  
7–7:15pm Professor Ryan Daniel Reconceptualising higher education programs in music for a rapidly changing global creative industries sector
7:20–7:35pm Dr Kristina Kelman & Dr Elizabeth Pipe Student perceptions of ‘making it’ in London: Talent migration post-Brexit
7:40–7:55pm Prof Celia Duffy & Ms Elizabeth Jenkinson “Why are we wasting our time on this stuff?” Shifts in student to graduate expectations of a career in music – and how we can support both
8–8:10pm Break  
8:10–8:25pm Dr Guy Morrow, A/Prof Daniel Norfgård & Prof Peter Tschmuck Rethinking the music business: Music contexts, rights, data and covid-19
8:30–8:45pm Dr Mathew Flynn & Ms Rachael Drury Teaching the rights way: The case for integrating copyright into the higher education music curriculum
8:50–9:05pm Mr Carljohnson Anacin Playlist curation as a DIO practice and alternative music promotion model among Filipino independent musicians
9:10–9:20pm Break  
9:20–9:35pm A/Prof Lotte Latukefu Cultural diversity and creative career design in music conservatoires
9:40–9:55pm Ms Fiona Gentle Creating anyway: The creation of a college remote musical during covid-19 lockdown
10–10:15pm Mr Hayden Mitt Implications of personal and professional identity construction in multi-stylistic portfolio musicianship
10:20pm Symposium Day 1 Closes Thanks and acknowledgements




November 29
Presenter/s; Activity Presentation Topic
6:00pm Dr Diana Tolmie Acknowledgement of Country, Welcome and Online Orientation
6:05-6:20pm Dr Anthea Skinner & Professor Aaron Corn Adaptive instruments for professional musicians with disability: Technology to support careers and enable lifelong learning
6:25–6:40pm Dr Caitlin Shaughnessy, Dr Neta Spiro, Dr George Waddell, Prof Rosie Perkins, Dr Aifric Campbell & Prof Aaron Williamon Arts professionals’ livelihoods beyond COVID-19: Findings and implications of the HEartS Professional project
6:45–7:00pm Ms Kirsten Tong Understanding the role of small-scale philanthropy within small-to-medium art music organisations
7:05–7:25pm Dr Nicole Canham Workshop: Career constellations for music careers influencers
7:25–7:30pm Break  
7:30–7:45pm Dr Renée Duncan & Ms Jen Rafferty Redefining Success
7:50–8:05pm Ms Christine Grier An exploration of the pathways, conceptions, and professional development values of multi-instrument teachers in Ireland
8:10–8:25pm Mr Brad Fuller & Mr Peter Orenstein Resilience through convergence: A journey from musician to teacher to musician-teacher
8:30–8:40pm Break  
8:40–8:55pm Dr Pamela Pike Navigating possible career paths during uncertain times
9:00–9:15pm Dr Renée Duncan A Webmaster’s Perspective on Refreshing and Renewing Your Online Presence
9:20–9:35pm Dr Karen Lonsdale

Reflecting on teaching instrumental, vocal and music theory lessons using the Zoom platform:

An authoethnography

9:40pm Symposium Day 2 Closes Thanks and acknowledgements